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Our classes

Our wiggly worm classes will take our little ones on a sensory journey exploring auditory, visual, tactile and physical elements based on the theme of the week. Book now and get a free class.

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Our crawling caterpillar classes will be encouraging our little ones to get moving! Really focusing on their physicality as we work towards crawling. Their sessions will be exploring various themes through music and play. Book now and get a free class.

Our giddy grasshoppers will be bouncing into action and exploring our themes through movement, music, and play. We will also be working on our verbal communication and socialisation. Book now and get a free class.

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Our beautiful butterflies are our big kids! We will be going on a journey through the theme of the week, really diving into some imaginary play, holding space with others and exploring through music, socialisation and play. Book now and get a free class.

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